Strategic Capital Acquisition Solutions

We seek to use our combination of extensive in-house and agency experience to develop customized Strategic Capital Acquisition Solutions for our clients. Through this approach, we seek to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the fundraising process for general partners and provide tailored advice on the development and implementation of strategic initiatives designed to improve market positioning, investor relationships and fundraising effectiveness over the longer term. We believe this is a unique alternative to legacy placement agent options.

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With 108 years of collective experience, the BearTooth team has contributed to the organization and raising of 221 funds aggregating more than $334 billion across four distinct distribution channels. Through this experience, we have developed a broad set of limited partner relationships across the globe. In addition, we have demonstrated a proven ability to transform these relationships into documented partnerships with investors from across the limited partner spectrum. These proven partnerships include investors ranging from the largest pension and sovereign wealth funds to smaller family office and high net worth individuals.

  • Developed markets private equity (109 funds)
  • Real Estate, energy and natural resources (46 funds)
  • Private credit and hedge funds (35 funds)
  • Emerging markets private equity (31 funds)

BearTooth is operated by a focused team of industry veterans with a broad base of industry experience dating back to 1994. The team is dedicated to providing de-conflicted agency services and bespoke, client-focused solutions to a select group of general partners. We do not employ a portfolio approach to raising funds – the success of every mandate we undertake is equally important.

With 50 years of combined in-house experience at leading alternative investment management firms, the team has developed a differentiated perspective from that of traditional placement agents. In addition to managing a variety of traditional fundraising processes, our team members have been actively involved in the design and implementation of broader business development, sales, marketing and investor relations activities at a number of leading global private equity firms. Through this experience, we have developed strategic relationships with limited partners and sustained competitive advantage for general partners.

1999-2011: The Carlyle Group ($5 billion to more than $100 billion in AUM)
2010-2014: Advent International ($18 billion to $32 billion in AUM)
2000-2016: Riverstone Holdings (Founding to $30 billion in AUM)

We seek to provide customized solutions to our client’s needs. We have the capability to provide a range of services from selective distribution-only mandates to full service, multi-cycle, combined fundraising and advisory mandates.